About me

Armando Panman de Wit

Enjoys writing content about automation

I have always been interested in coding, and have taught myself to write in Python, JavaScript, SQL, NodeJS, and PHP. I love how nowadays you are able to find an answer to a technical question with a few clicks and within minutes. When I started learning to code, I had to Google a lot. I always ended up on blogs by other people that had taken the time to write down their approaches. With Automation-help I want to return the favor.

The content I write is all about bringing awareness about how you are able to save time with just a few lines of code. Personally, I love the feeling of running my code and seeing all the automation take place. Knowing that that saves me doing the repetitive work manually, makes the feeling even better!

Many coding tutorials focus on developers that already have a lot of experience. I am trying to make my articles understandable even for those that are just starting. I love to know what you think so reach out with any comments and do not hesitate to ask me anything.

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